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Ronnie C. Wright is an American business magnate, investor, inventor and, founder & CEO of Wow Yoga Club. As a licensed financial professional, Money Inc columnist, artist and bestselling author of 27 books including the 7A Rule, he frequently appears on radio, tv and as a speaker at public & private events. He studied at Florida, Harvard & Stanford.

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Wow, LLC is turning its online startup Wow Yoga Club into a mobile-subscription service to sell affordable luxury products like organic lip balm through a campaign titled:


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Wow Yoga Club announced the W Y C TV app at its monthly Social Stretch event

in Beverly Hills, Saturday morning.

“The new app is defined as ‘Vertically Active Long-form Upright Entertainment’ aka VALUE,” said Wow Yoga Club CEO, Ronnie C. Wright. “W Y C TV will reside both with the primary Wow Yoga Club app and as a dedicated app for iOS and Android, giving mobile users the ease to stretch and enjoy taller videos wherever they are.”

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