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Got Wow? is an advertising campaign promoting the value of “wow” short for:

‘will, objectivity & wisdom’, which was created by

Ronnie C. Wright through his advertising agency known as Wow Media for its sister division, Wow Yoga Club in 2018. It launched in Summer 2018 on the Wow Yoga Club platform as a national campaign.

GOT WOW? Got Wow? (stylized as got wow?) is an American advertising campaign featuring real people.


The "got wow?" campaign started in California

and the "got wow?" trademark owned by

Ronnie C. Wright’s Wow, LLC

is being licensed through partnerships

for U.S. and international sales.

The campaign aims to increase

the value of the yoga lifestyle


global reach

The advertisements features people in different lifestyle situations involving tight or uncomfortable clothes and foods such as fries and fats. The individuals in these uncomfortable situations appear to be stuck in old habits. At the end of the commercial the character suddenly gets a “lightbulb” moment, looks into the camera and words are displayed boldly that reads: "Got Wow?"


Wow Yoga Club announced the W Y C TV app at its monthly Social Stretch event

in Beverly Hills, Saturday morning.

“The new app is defined as ‘Vertically Active Long-form Upright Entertainment’ aka VALUE,” said Wow Yoga Club CEO, Ronnie C. Wright. “W Y C TV will reside both with the primary Wow Yoga Club app and as a dedicated app for iOS and Android, giving mobile users the ease to stretch and enjoy taller videos wherever they are.”





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Revenue US$-Private

Operating income: US$-Private

Net income:US$-Private

Total assets US$-Private

Total equity US$-Private

Number of employees: Private


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